Meet Millennial Motivational Speaker and Artist Khadija Jackson🎨

📸 Photography by Shannon McCollum (above)


Innovator, Philosopher, Upcoming Model, and Brand Ambassador, Khadija is a Millennial Motivational Speaker this is how entrepreneurs across the country have come to know Khadija Jackson. In a world where society often seems to value fame and wealth over relationships, most people that cross paths with Khadija would probably say that she is an extraordinary human being first and a businesswoman second. Khadija transforms brands from concept to household names with a flair that is uniquely her own. Perhaps it is this human approach, and abstract vision to the art of branding that has created a roster of clientele dedicated to Khadija Jackson and The NERD® Trademark Brand. In her spare time when she’s not working trade-shows, and seminars she enjoys teaching her hula hooping fitness dance class called HulaSculpt, painting and photography.

Welcome to Khadija’ World of beauty, abstract art, music, dance, and as she shares her vision and experiences throughout her books and social media you will to see your her vision is everlasting and has many dimensions. -Khadija’s Jackson 🌀

Brand Ambassador

MODEL CALL on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 Click the link below for more details👉🏼 3N1

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Are you interested in learning the difference between income, rich and wealth. How to create a successful business from scratch and bring your brand to life!

I’m having a Beauty Look & Learn, Saturday June 2nd 2018. We are looking for Models at this event sign up Today to be apart of our Free Beauty Model Search Seminar All In One!

Meet your host Khadija Live as she gives you the secrets of the beauty business. I’m looking for models and the ones who want to learn the game.

You might want to know this,,,It’s a FREE Beauty SEMINAR coming to your the Atlanta area and we want you to attend. Address provided in link.

I hope to see you there!

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Brand Ambassador

NOW OPEN!!! Khadija’s Hair Studio Specializes in Braids, Brows, Weave, and Nails💇🏽💅🏾💋

I’d like to introduce to you my staff. It’s only 5 of us currently and we work as a team to get you in an out. My staff is mobile and qualified.

Each braider has to take a PGN Box Braiding Class to become certified as a professional Box braider by Khadija Jackson a Pretty Girl Network instructor who show her technique and flair to the box braid world. It’s an unique look and technique that I do to my Box Braids as I braid them down not like any other hair braider that’s braiding. Each braid is different but similar. The unique natural look and xlong length is one of a kind. “Braiding is an Art, and as an artist it’s just another medium of my Art work and modeling to independence.” Khadija.

“I haven’t yet seen anyone to box braid like Khadija’s Hair Braiding, my braids look like they grew out my scalp. She gives you an option to use rubber bands or not. I always get the rubber band way and my box braids last for 3 months. This is my second time back and I’m a happy customer!”- Lauryn Reed.

Brand Ambassador


Calling all High School Graduates!!! You may be interested in this Free Look and Learn seminar showing young ladies how to braid, the beauty industry history, and Learn Brows and Lashes application correctly.

You must register online. There are two sessions [11 AM- 2 PM] and [3 PM- 6 PM, selected the time best for you and arrived at least 30 minutes early to allow seating we hope that you will join us. Location at the Renaissance Hotel the address is on ticket.

Sign up Today, You would get a lot of information from this workshop how to make money and create wealth. I’m having seminar Saturday June 2nd 2018 at the Renaissance. Save the Date and check your schedule to see if you can attend.

You MUST REGISTER ONLINE FOR FREE ENTRY! Limited 2 tickets per person. Hope to see you there!!😀

To”Register” click the link👉🏼https://khadijajacksonbeautyworkshop.eventbrite.com