Meet Millennial Motivational Speaker and Artist Khadija Jackson๐ŸŽจ

๐Ÿ“ธ Photography by Shannon McCollum (above)


Innovator, Philosopher, Upcoming Model, and Brand Ambassador, Khadija is a Millennial Motivational Speaker this is how entrepreneurs across the country have come to know Khadija Jackson. In a world where society often seems to value fame and wealth over relationships, most people that cross paths with Khadija would probably say that she is an extraordinary human being first and a businesswoman second. Khadija transforms brands from concept to household names with a flair that is uniquely her own. Perhaps it is this human approach, and abstract vision to the art of branding that has created a roster of clientele dedicated to Khadija Jackson and The NERDยฎ Trademark Brand. In her spare time when she’s not working trade-shows, and seminars she enjoys teaching her hula hooping fitness dance class called HulaSculpt, painting and photography.

Welcome to Khadija’ World of beauty, abstract art, music, dance, and as she shares her vision and experiences throughout her books and social media you will to see your her vision is everlasting and has many dimensions. -Khadija’s Jackson ๐ŸŒ€

Brand Ambassador

PPG/PPL New Referral Bonus Structure

Good morning Pretty Girls Network Team,

We are pleased to advise you that we have made a change to the Referral Bonus structure giving you the opportunity to earn on your referral into their second month of work on the Professional Private Label Program!

New Referral Bonus structure, Effective March 1, 2018:

First LeVel:

10 -30 Approvals in first 2 weeks for referral: $50.00 to referring rep

Second LeVel:

31-50 Approvals in first 4 weeks for referral: $300.00 to referring rep

Third LeVel:

51-100 Approvals in first 8 weeks for referral: $700.00 to referring rep

Remember that with the referral bonus you have the opportunity to earn all three of these bonuses if your referred rep reaches the level noted! That gives you a shot at $1,500.00 bonus on the Third LeVel !

Please note that as a result of adding this additional tier to the referral bonus, will be removing the recruiter bonus opportunity that we have had in effect over the last several months that I may revisit third quarter.

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!

Khadija Jackson

Pretty Girls Network Group

P.O. Box 404 Union City, GA 30292

Phone: 404-602-2838

Brand Ambassador

Expand Your Brand with PPL Contract Manufacture

Hi Good Morning,


I work in the sales and marketing department for company Professional Private Label located in College Park, Georgia as a Brand Manager. I’m always working directly with clients to create tge first product. My job is to find new business specifically hair stylist and barbers wanting to increase their brand.

When you get a moment check out http://www.professionalprivatelabel.com and come up with a product(s) line that fit your mobile beauty salon or your brand. Simply, design a sticker or label for your product and let us manufacture it for you. Under $100 you get 12 pcs Sample Set (2oz.)-Jar or Bottles! PPL can asure you with the best quality of service. We have been compared to Vista Print of Beauty Products abd we will take that compliment!

Here’s some ideas to start with: an anti-itch spray, edge control, oils, gels, shampoo and conditioner, cosmetics, nail ane skincare products and the list goes on, so what are you waiting for call me now and ask questions! Direct contact 1 678-334-6142 ask for Khadija Jackson. Talk to you soon๐Ÿค— “Wave” back if interested I’ll email you more information.