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The Basic Face 101-102 Taught by Khadija Jackson

Pretty Girls Network LLC. Prevents…NERD® Makeup Classes “The Basic Face” 101-102

Students Holiday Special $250 Including KIT + EYES + BROWS + LASHES + LIPS*(Bonus) + CERTIFICATEStudents Holiday Special $350 Including KIT + FULL FACE+ EYES + BROWS + LASHES + LIPS*(Bonus) + CERTIFICATEStudents can look forward to:

  • 4 hour Class of “The Basic Face”

  • 30 minutes Theoretical Session and 30 Practical Session with Live Client Practice

  • Student Kit

  • Professional Certification in Lash Extensions and Professional Certification in Makeup Application

  • 25 minute Branding and Marketing Session

  • 25 minute How-To- Make a Million Dollars Make Sense and Cents w/Khadija Jackson*

  • 30 minute Vision Art Board. Multiple class dates

  • Low $75 transferable deposit. Limited seating

***NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS ***Private Classes and Group Rates Available ***Professional Price: $375 Holiday Special

Your Invited!

Nerd® Makeup and its application “The Basic Face” Welcome to ages 13 and up. What are you waiting for come learn your face now, you’ll thank me later.

Click our link to register for “The Basic Face 101-102”, view our calendar and pricing for makeup and nail class with beauty professionals who are certified and trained to work with you.🤓

Instructor : Khadija Jackson

CONTACT INFO: ☎️678-334-6142