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Published by The Khadija Jackson Show

Hey! Thanks for stopping by meet Millennial Motivational Speaker, Artist and Author meet @iamkhadijajackson🦄 I've been compared to Whitney Huston all my life and I love her as an artist. I'm a huge fan of Whitney and I love to do Whitney Houston impressions and I'm constantly researching her life stories and accomplishments along with other great entertainers and business owners to interview and learn more about their journey and how they started their careers. I am a talk radio host in Atlanta, GA. My show covers topics of Love & Relationships, The Beauty, The Business & The Brand, and as a Career and Spiritual Lifestyle Coach, I speak heavily on topics that discuss the power of frequency, energy, knowing and discovering who are you, knowing your purpose, and The I am That I am experience. Working with groups and individuals personally improves communication around the world. I hope one day you will get a chance to tune in and listen to a show. You can listen to me on all issues. Don't forget to call in and say Hey!

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