10 Key Characteristics of a Healthy Model

Our Motto:

The Healthy Women Mentor Program is designed to support, build, and connect with like minded women who want to change for the betterment of their lives both physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We have daily morning blogs to keep you motivated within the process. Healthy Women Mentor program offers a full makeover at the end of your 4 week challenge.

1. Mental

  • She has the ability and the willingness to access Mental Health Resources regularly, while possessing a knowledge of emotional intelligence, stress, and time management skills.
  • She is mentally healthy and acknowledges her resiliency without sacrificing her physical and spiritual Wellness.

2. Historical

  • She understands, values, and seek to learn about the least seven generations of her ancestors and is actively learning an in-depth culture history of her people.

3. Spiritual

  • She maintains a daily spiritual regiment by incorporating prayer and meditation from practices that affirms her cultural identity.

4. Physical

  • She seeks to maintain a healthy lifestyle, nutritionist diet, and a firming body image. She is active on a daily basis by gauging and life-affirming activities with a diet primarily consisting of vegetables and fruits.

5. Financial

  • She develops a personal plan that empowers her to be economically independent, hold zero debt, bills transgenerational wealth, and be a property owner.

6. Sexuality

  • She Embraces, recognizes, hardness, and honors Her Sacred sexual power, while engaging in healthy sexual practices.
  • Learning who she is she will make no mistake who she wants to become.
  • She is a Soulmate and Helpmate of him.
  • She takes time to learn her body.

7. Social

  • She values and listens to the wisdom of healthy Elders, maintains personal fulfilling relationships, and participates in rite of passage for Life transitions. Her relationships are mutually respectful with family, peers, and community members.
  • She masters how to communicate amongst all beings.

8. Political

  • She is aware of and informed regarding the important political issues and power structures globally and within her community. She has access to elected officials, contacts them when issues arises, and votes regularly.
  • She is involved with current media oh, she asked questions, and she is a leader.

9. Environmental

  • She strives to live in a community in which she is able to interact with healthy individuals, while maintaining an awareness of her interconnectedness with Mother Earth and all life forms.
  • She begins to get closer to her inner being self and gets closer to God and all of his creations.
  • She begins to learn how simple life is but complex to the eye and heart.
  • She learns to trust, except, and forgive to be the best.

10. Cultural Politics

  • She acknowledges the existence of and resist institutionalized racism, gender, and economic inequality, privilege, and microaggression.
  • She is aware. She knows her rights.

…She’s a Healthy Woman.



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