Khadija’s Cleared Art🎨🎞💋

Hey, Art Lovers!

Here’s a sneak peek of (my) Khadija Jackson Fine Art Collections called “Infinity”, “Lips”, and “What You Like” with over 100 art designs created in 2017 and early as 2002 I’m now introducing my work. I hope you like!

$60 “Wild Pair” in the Lips Collection 2×2

$55 “Upbeat” What You Like Collection 2×2

$45 “Anytime” in the Infinity Collection 2×2

Khadija loves to create art for for television, film, and commercials to be placed in the background of scenes. Khadija’s paints on canvases and plywood. She also enjoys drawing, sculpting, using acrylics paints, and other mediums to create texture to get the Khadija affect that create shadows with psychedelic colors adding a glow-in-the-dark affect that leads your brain in dimensions only the spiritual realm can see!

I’ve been painting since I can remember, growing up my mother always had black art around the house. I began to study art of all types until I found my style and fell in love with abstract art. I believe “Energy is Art.” 🎨-Khadija Jackson

$45 “Lips” Collection Lips

👄Hey don’t forget about Khadija’s Giving Tuesday where you can get my art for only $25 each. Great house warming gifts, or need to fill acrylic medium on plywood.The perfect squares that fits anywhere. These paintings are 2 x 2 in size.

What You Like, you pay here: 📌If you see something you like or love to have in your home, office, or studio it’s for sale😂 contact me directly via email or call ☎️678-334-6142
s copyrighted by Khadija Jamil Jackson and cannot be reproduced without permission of the artist. © 2017 “The arts can enrich all of us in this nation as individuals. The arts can enrich all of our communities and the country. And the arts can connect us to each other like nothing else can.”-Michelle Obama