📸Photography By Shannon Mccollum< strong>Herstory🦄 One could say that Ms. Jackson was born for this business. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA by a family whose natural hair care company Professional Products Unlimited Inc., changed the industry, young Khadija caught the entrepreneurial bug very early on in life. But perhaps more importantly than her dream of building her own business one day was Khadija’s passion for changing lives. She shares, “My parents raised me with strong values that instilled in me to always do my best. My Dad taught me to never look back.” And that message has been the cornerstone of her work. Armed with an extensive background in sales and marketing, art, and modeling, Ms. Jackson launched Khadija Jackson Network (2002) www.KhadijaJackson.com, NERD® and NERD® Cosmetics® Brand Trademarked and Registered (2013-14) www.nerdcosmetics.com, Pretty Girls Network,LLC. Professional Makeup Classes “The Basic Face” 101-102 (2015) www.prettygirlsnetwork.com, Khadija Jackson Show Uncensored Talk Radio (2010) http://www.kjbrandme.com, and (SASS) Students Against Skipping School (2016) www.studentsagainstskippingschool.com. 📸 Photography By Shannon McCollumKHADIJA JACKSON NETWORK Kjbrandme is a hashtag you will never forget. The Flower of AM radio Khadija Jackson Show is where 5.1 Million listeners and followers around the world directly tuned in on by phone, internet, or on radio by simply downloading the App, and MP3 online. Listen to her full hour shows listed as Khadija Jackson Show on iTunes and Google. Callers are able to call in to hear Khadija say her famous lines “Give It Up” , and “Good Nite Everyone”, with her assistant and production staff members, DJ Kutt Throat owner of (#ilmp) a team of DJ’s called “I Love My Plug” in 2012. The online radio show focused on branding businesses and other creative works was a huge success….and a dream was born. Currently, active playing roles in the television, film, and music industry she has created a niche for her art to be seen by millions.

📸Photography By Shannon McCollumBRANDING VS. SURVIVING If no one knows that you exist, then chances are your phone’s not ringing! This is a simple advertising principle and yet a very real challenge for most entrepreneurs in today’s economy. Khadija Jackson Uncensored and Khadija Jackson Cleared Art was established with one strong belief – every entrepreneur should be able to achieve their dreams with the right tools at an affordable cost. Having a sound advertising strategy shouldn’t be a choice, but rather an integral part of every entrepreneur’s business plan. Whether your company wants a slice of the social media marketing pie, wants to rebrand your company or needs to develop a comprehensive branding strategy, Khadija Jackson Network is ready to execute your vision regardless of the size of your budget. “Live Forever and Become the Art.”-Khadija Jackson 📸🎨