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I had to have met you, to have your business card or flyer call to set up your profile page today. Your ad will automatically go inside Khadija Magazine you can choose to updatew your information and provide a “Click To Call Action” button good to have consumers to call you directly. I’ve been asked for years who’s in my network and I’m now sharing my resources to you. I’m fSee if anyone on my site can help benefit your next business and/or family venture.

If you know if anyone who would like to be apart of my network connecting and pulling together resources with other entrepreneurs through positive vibes.

Brand Ambassador


KHADIJA and her writing team creates Visual Art Ads that tell a story through fine arts and photography. Other publications ask you to give them the privilege of displaying your product or service within their pages. They submit exciting demographics and readership profiles to assure you that your ad will indeed be seen by “x” number of readers. The truth of the matter is that there is no guarantee that any of those “x” readers will purchase your product or service. History, percentages, and common sense dictate that certainly someone will probably do business with you because of that ad, but you take all the risk when you sign the check.

Premier Issue Offer

Place 3 ads, pay for 2!!

Is there something else that a publisher can do to “hedge your bet” when you advertise in his/her publication? We believe there is. That’s why our ad program is different from most others. When you commit to a full page color ad or multiple insertions of any size ad, we understand that you are making a commitment to us and helping ensure our survival. We believe you should be rewarded for this trust, so we will provide the premiums and incentives listed on the reverse. – SkipSend a message from the business telling our readers who you are and what makes your business stand out. In just a few words in a paragraph tell us why people remember you. We promote your brand by creating visual art ads that are eye catching and captivating to our readers. We’ve learned to appreciate our readers by sharing discounts and deals to tear offers out of KHADIJA MAGAZINE and use at the time of purchase! We found this was the way to get Millennials to patronize your business online and by walk-in. Your ROI is the reason to advertise with us.

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Brand Ambassador


Advertising in Khadija Magazine is different from any other publication you may have experienced.

1. Generous discount for multiple insertions. (7-15%)

2. Unique Value Added Advertising Program

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Brands & Focus Groups
  • Trade show events
  • Automotive & Classified ads
  • Home Decor
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Charitable Donation
  • Concerts and Travel
  • Social Media and more!

3. Local Menu Guide

4. Reach, Connect and Engage with Millennials Everyday!

Premier Issue Offer

Place 3 ads, Pay for 2!!

Over the course of the year, all of the above premiums (and more will be added) will substantially decrease the cost and risk of your advertising decision. We will routinely add to the list opportunities for marketing your company and rewarding your commitment to KHADIJA Magazine.

“Our primary goal is to provide as many avenues as possible to put your product or service in front of our readers.”


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