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Breaking News: Hey Friends can I count on you to check out this brother right here…. Let me tell you….he is doing good works for the community. Meet Rafielle Kirkland the founder and creator of I Keep It Classic interview on The District, take a moment to watch this video and share within your network. It’s about growing a positive community with strong leaders. Click this video now! 😚😉🤗
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Omg! Good Foods for Your Soul w/ KHADIJA™

HADIJA’S KITCHEN Cooking Cabbage

  1. Cut or Chop cabbage in small pieces. The cabbage doesn’t have to be perfect just as long as you cut up the entire cabbage place it inside a bowl and wash the leaves off clean.
  2. Now, place cabbage in a pot on the stove and turn your stove to medium to cook the cabbage just right. Cabbage shrink so, don’t worry about the over flow of cabbage in your pot it’s just enough.
  3. Add butter, Salt, Pepper, and any other seasoning like garlic, bell peppers, onions, to add flavor.

You can add meat if you like. I eat mine without but you can cook separately and add later once your cabbage starts cooking good.

You are looking for a warped look. Your cabbage should start to look soft from the hard cabbage you just felt.

Another good meal you can make with cabbage is coleslaw, but that’s another day. Its all in how you cut up your cabbage and ingredient your add. I say this to say you can also eat cabbage raw.

So, once your cabbage cooks for 20 minutes depending how much cabbage your cooking. It doesn’t take long to make, cabbage is a vegetable that steams itself. Just put a lid over your pot and let it cook.

  • Stir your Cabbage so it doesn’t stick, a trick for that us to add just a little olive oil on the bottom of the pan when you start cooking. The water from the Cabbage will also help from it not sticking.

I hope this was helpful. Its easy to make and good for the body. I eat Cabbage just about every week southern fried cooking.

Cabbage taste good with cornbread.



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